Are there any plans to extend the map functionality in QuickCapture?

08-13-2021 10:26 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Are there any plans to extend the map functionality in QuickCapture? Specifically we would be looking to toggle layers off/on, add a legend and a measure tool. 


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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @HeatherM_JDI Thanks for your feedback. Currently, the map in QuickCapture is used for location awareness and data visualization purposes, we will continue to enhance map capability to meet these purposes. Also, have you considered using link buttons, which allow you to open a web app or dashboard from the QuickCapture app? With that, you can simply use the link button to open a customized web app that has toggle layers off/on, map legend, measure, or other tools configured. 

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Hi Heather, can you please share your workflow? What are the layers and what do you want to measure?


Hi @Mandy_Li and @JohnathanHasthorpe 

We love the big button design of QuickCapture for use by our occasional GIS users and executives. Where we have encountered a gap in the vision from our users is to have a slightly richer experience when viewing the map. Here is the scenario. You are flying in a helicopter over managed forest lands and want to know the last treatment completed a particular stand. Rich labels and a few different layers that can be easily toggled (for instance harvest and planting) are required to get the full picture. Measuring is  a casual activity, looking for something like the length of a road or the area of blow down. For the most part I think area will come from the attributes of the polygons while roads will be 'tapped' on the tablet.

Does this help?


Thanks for this information


My team also loves the big button design and simplicity of QuickCapture, but still wants that richer experience in the application, without having to open another application.  Folks are looking for the same thing, toggling layers and being able to quickly measure lengths and areas in the field quickly to then include in user inputs associated with particular buttons.


Happy to provide additional context if needed.


I'm looking for this functionality too. I'm setting up a project so users can quickly collect interior assets (like AEDs, fire extinguishers, badge readers, etc.) and being able to turn each floor on/off with a layer list widget would be extremely helpful as assets will need to be lined up with the existing floorplans due to iffy GPS inside.

Field Maps is more complex and cumbersome and doesn't have the easy Project User Input option for setting the floor # for all assets collected at once. As far as I know, I would have to make a template for each asset type and floor combination, at least 30 templates for a user to have to swipe through.