Does both Geographical Coordinate System and Projection Coordinate System displayed on ArcGIS layout Map without any Distortion of Map ?

03-26-2020 01:41 PM
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Hi..! everyone Please stay a live without affected by COVID-19 !

I am Mujuni Desdery ,Cartographer at Geological Survey of Tanzania,

For many years I have been suffering how to display both GCS & PCS at ArcGIS Layout

Above Image show Both GCS & PCS  at one corner of my Map,However there is error of Cartographic grammar in Geology Map ,(indicated a gap of number 1 ) in Geology Map there no need a gap at Neatline,due to the next adjacent Geology map, It should fixed in neat line at Layout  

I fixed a gap by tightly a map with Neatline(margin line) .Ever look next image below whats happen


Labelled no 2 , GCS corner coordinate  jumped/shift to other part of Map

Labelled no. 3 , cause to apply graphic or manual coordinate to place missing labelled GCS

Indicator line no 4, show a place missing GCS  at its position to be .

However PCS looks okay 

.....I am worry may be a ArcGIS Layout neatline is rectangular not curved as natural  Latitude & Longtitudal line is curved in nature... graticule line..

 I am using licenced ArcGIS Software version 10.7

WKID: 4210 Authority: EPSG


WKID: 21036 Authority: EPSG

recommend in my Country(Tanzania)

Geological Map sheets in Tanzania are total of 322 both width & Length are 30 minutes

and all sheets has a common problem mention above

Please refer whole Geological Map and its 4 Corner point where problem occur

1st Corner Point before displayement of GCS occur but a gap to neatline appeared and its not needed in Geological map to allow adjacent next geology map to join & futhermore Geocoding Raster

Otherwise you can refer  link for Vector data & its Mxd layout map , 


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To be honest, I have a hard time understanding the problem from your explanation. For now, I would like to point out some of ESRI's Heather Smith's recent blog post about coordinate systems, that may be of some help in understanding differences between GCS and PCS etc.:

Geographic vs Projected Coordinate Systems 

Coordinate Systems: What's the Difference? 

Projection on the fly and geographic transformations 

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