Programmatically Rubbersheet Individual Features Instead of Entire Layer

12-15-2020 03:50 PM
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When using the Transform editing tool in the Modify Features dockpane, the Rubbersheet transformation method allows you to run the transformation on either selected features or an entire layer.  However, with the SDK it seems like you're only given the option to rubbersheet an entire layer, which is a problem for me because I need to work with individual features.  Am I missing something?  Does anyone know how to progammatically rubbersheet selected features?

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The 2.7 help says:

Performs a rubbersheet using selected features, selected links, selected anchorpoints and selected adjustmentareas from each of the respective layers.

If it's working on more than just selected features, it seems like this'd be a bug.

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Hi Karen,

The rubbersheet method isnt working as intended, the entire layer is used and the extent is incorrect. This will be fixed in a future release (after 2.7).

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How far in the future do you think this will be?

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