How to get raster pyramid resampling type

07-05-2021 09:02 AM
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I'm trying to get the properties of a raster dataset from a file geodatabase. It is a rasterdataset with a pyramid with 6 levels and of resampling type bilinear. If I open the dataset properties page in ArcGISPro, I see it correctly. But by code I get a resampling type of NearestNeighbor. I tried it with:

var raster = rasterDataset.CreateDefaultRaster();
var resampleType = raster.GetResamplingType();

and also with:

var rasterValue = new RasterValue();
var rasterStorageDef = rasterValue.GetRasterStorageDef();
var pyramidResampleType = rasterStorageDef.GetPyramidResampleType();

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. Please someone help me get the pyramid resample type from a raster in a geodatabase in ArcGISPro.

Thanks in advance.

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