Do not update the Pro SDK if the corresponding version of Pro is not installed

03-16-2021 02:50 AM
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I have an older version of ArcGIS Pro installed, because that's what (some of) our customers are using. I also installed the Visual Studio extensions for ArcGIS Pro for this version.


When starting Visual Studio, it automatically updates the Pro extensions for VS to the most recent version. If I then start a new project in Visual Studio, I get an error message about mismatched versions.


The only way to disable the automatic update is to

  1. Uninstall the latest version
  2. Install the version I want, again
  3. Disconnect laptop from internet
  4. Start Visual Studio
  5. Uncheck Automatic updates for both ArcGIS Pro extensions


Could you please have extension's installers check the installed version of Pro, and only update if there is a matching Pro version?

by Anonymous User

Hello, we have documentation which walks through how to address this scenario here in the SDK Installation and Upgrade ProGuide document.




That documentation describes in a bit more detail the steps I already outlined in my question. The problem is, as soon as you start Visual Studio, the update process will begin immediately and by the time you get to the checkbox, it's already too late. The only way I found to fix this is by disconnecting my laptop from the internet before starting Visual Studio. This is not exactly straightforward.


I don't know what's possible with extensions in Visual Studio, maybe automatic update can be set to 'off' by default, or maybe the installer could check for the version of Pro that is installed. Maybe each version of Pro should have it's own distinct set of extensions.