Zoom Map Independent of Scale?

03-23-2019 11:30 PM
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I have a 5k monitor and when I use many of the map servers that I need to use, many (not all) of them are very slow to load because it's loading about a 5k set of image tiles.  To make my project usable without long waits between tile loads, I have to resize my window (or change my screen resolution settings) which very nearly makes the point of having a 27" screen pointless.  Is there a method in ArcGIS Pro to zoom the map in such a way that it's independent of the scale of the on-screen tiles?   For example I would like to choose to have a lower resolution tile set rendered than what my zoom/scale settings are.  I believe QGIS has this although I haven't tested it to see if it behaves the way I'd like.

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