Why is ArcGIS Pro not allowing me to rename favorites?

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08-10-2018 01:27 PM
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I read that ArcGIS Pro would allow you to rename a favorites (give it an alias).  In cases of server folder, it denied me access, and when renaming a folder on my desktop, it literally renamed it instead of just giving that folder an alias within Arc Pro.  What is going on with this feature?

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I've logged this behavior as new defect for ArcGIS Pro since it's unexpected to have the folder to be renamed on disk based on the documentation. If you'd like to track this defect, or if you have further questions on it, please call Esri Technical Support at 888-377-4575.

[BUG-000116059 - Renaming a favorite folder in ArcGIS Pro renames the folder on disk instead of creating an alias.]

Thanks for reporting it!

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Thank you!

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I certainly hope that this bug was rated at "Ultra Very Severe" and will be fixed at 2.2.2? As a workaround, I can: 

But folks are very used to renaming folder alias in Arc Catalog, this is going to cause some pretty serious issues when they attempt to do the same in Pro. If not fixed, then can Renaming a folder connection be disabled in 2.2.2? Up until now I've been deploying Templates with folder connections to the root of network shares, which you CAN rename, but seeing more and more folks make connections to specific folders. And just to be clear, does this bug refer to Pro, or the documentation? Which will the bug fix?

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The defect will need to be reviewed by the development team; however, in my testing of 2.1 (where it's not reproducible -  an alias is given instead of the folder being renamed on disk), this is not a documentation defect. FYI - the bug severity is high.

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I echo the OP. We need this ability. Windows 10 does the same thing for Quick Access. Right-click the item, hit properties, and change the name... you will change the actual folder name. In Windows 7 you could alias your favorites.  I used aliases all the the time in ArcCatalog. 

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I agree with this; this is a very severe issue and should be solved. The number of people likely renaming folders unknowingly (thinking it is an alias) and affecting a whole business is large.

It's 2021 and this hasn't yet been fixed....

In communication with ESRI custoemr care, they responded with this:

Just a recap of the call, you were needing assistance with renaming folder connection in ArcGIS Pro without having it reflected on the original folder path. In other words, you would like to have an alias for the folders in the folder connection for better reference.

For your information, ArcGIS Pro does not support that ability at the moment. However, please be informed that there is an existing Enhancement related to the issue we discussed, and the details are as follows:

  1. Enhancement details: ENH-000123977 – Request to have an ability to create an alias. For favourites in ArcGIS Pro or/and have options to view the full path location.
  2. Current status: In Product Plan

As this is currently in Esri's product plan, you can track the progress of the product development in the My Esri page:

My Esri > My Organization > Support > Search for the ENH-000123977."

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