Why Create Replica GP in ArcGIS Pro is terribly slower than Arcmap?

09-10-2020 02:08 AM
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I have workflow designed over the Create Replica and Synchronize changes in my client place. The same function that is Create Replica of a dataset for a given geometry(Spatial Filter) in ArcMap runs faster about 300%. 

I have requested for checkout the datasets about 5 featureclasses in it and around 200-300 features expected to checkout it runs in Arcmap within 3 minutes over a VPN network. The same dataset for the same geometry filter it runs about 11 minutes in ArcGIS Pro. Is there any reports over the Create Replica slowness to ESRI? Did anyone else reported over these problems?

I am using Oracle11G as geodatabase 10.3.1 Setup (user schema gdb setup).

Arcmap has delivered nicely on the checkout and checkin but in  ArcGIS  pro 2.6 it is terribly slower and client is unhappy with the slowness after decided to move on to ArcGIS Pro.



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