Where is the option "Create layer from selected features" in ArcGIS Pro?

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12-19-2014 04:28 AM
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Hi, im using ArcGIS Pro and my impression are the vest. Unfortunetly dont find the option "Create layer from select features". Where can find it?

If the option doest existe , i hope that Esri Inc include this option in ArcGIN Pro because is a very important option!!!



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Make Layer From Selected Features is included in the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.1.

Look for that release in January 2018.

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An option is to consider is in the same Context Menu - select Data -> Export Features.  This starts the Copy Features GP tool.  Granted it creates a new feature class but would work.  Not sure if the ArcMap functionality is to be ported over in the future or not.

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Hello Robert,

I tried this tool (data --> export feature class), but it doesn't work if you need to create a new class with only the selected features. It copies all the features in the new class.

Actually, it seems to work with point features but no with line features.

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Hello Marc -

I tested the Copy Features GP tool for selected points and lines.  It worked as expected - only created a new feature class for selected features.  I'm running ArcGIS Pro 1.1 (BETA) so perhaps that's why I'm seeing different results???

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Yes, the Copy Features tool covers this.  It does create a feature class, I store it in my project Geodatabase.  One handy thing about it is that it loads back into your map with the same symbology as what you copied from.  Not labeling though.

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Is this in v2? 

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Just make your selection, then right click the layer in the table of contents. Instead of going to Selection, go to Data>Export Features. It automatically exports the selected features.

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Yupp, this is how I have always done it.

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We know this is functionality that our users need. It is in the current product plan for a future release. Thanks for your input!