When trying to load a large number of raster into Batch Raster to Other Format tool, only one appears

07-22-2019 01:33 AM
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I'm trying to convert a large number of rasters, currently in grid format, to tiffs, using the batch "Raster to Other Format" tool. On clicking the "open folder" button for input, this works fine if I only select (using ctrl shift) a relatively small number to input into the tool, but if I try to select a large number of rasters as the input, it thinks for a while, then just comes up with the first raster listed.

I'm trying to convert about 6000, so would rather not have to do it in small batches, and, I think, to do it using the python window I believe I'd need to find a way of listing the file names of every single raster...? Which seems non-trivial when they're in a GDB. 

Anyone know why this might not be working properly?

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