What is the orange Lock button in table of contents on Cad feature layers after running model builder

09-27-2020 04:46 PM
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What is this orange lock button in the table of contents?  I dragged and dropped a Cad drawing (.dwg) into the map, run model builder to delete a bunch of extraneous layers I don't need, now I see a bunch of orange locks on the Cad layers in the table of contents.  It does this with 2 of the 3 cad drawings I'm working with.  Right click Zoom to Layer is greyed out and when I go into layer properties and switch between the different items in properties ArcGIS Pro 2.6.1 crashes every time.  Any Ideas? thanks  Edit: I'm pretty new to GIS so maybe this is obvious but I searched and can find any documentation.

Orange lock in table of contents after running model builder

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Hi Ryan,

Traditionally this lock may pop up when a layer is taking part in a geoprocessing event/tool and cannot otherwise be manipulated. It could pose an issue if you currently have the same data opened in the original CAD program. It may also be that you have it locked as a Layout element. There is more information on this here (Layout and the Contents pane—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation).  

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Thank you Taren.  As far as I'm aware I don't have any layouts...I don't know how to create them or find them if they were there.  I rechecked the Cad drawing and it's not being used.  Just to be sure, I also removed all Xref drawings from the cad file and that didn't have an effect unfortunately.