Vector Tile Labels Not Formatting Correctly

04-19-2017 07:37 AM
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I am publishing vector tiles and the labels from ArcGIS Pro do not seem to be formatting correctly once they are vector tiles.  Below are a couple of screenshots to illustrate the difference.

Is there some styling that can be done to change the label offset?...or is there something within ArcGIS Pro that I'm missing?...or is this a known limitation of vector tiles?

Here are some links that may be of use:

Vector Tile REST: Services Directory - StandardBaseTest(VectorTileServer) 

Vector Tile AGO Item: 

ArcGIS Pro formatting

Vector Tile formatting --- label directly on top of point, not offset as shown in ArcGIS Pro

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The process is the same (I believe) as editing one of Esri's vector tile base maps.

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As Matthew said, the process involves basically having a tile service published from the package and running. From there you can create a copy of the layer which will unlock download and update options for the style file.

Another option is to edit directly the original file on the server if you have access to it (on your own Portal+Enterprise system). Much faster as you can check your edits with a simple refresh, and you will also have access to other resources such as the sprites, but you may do something wrong which will stop the service so it’s mandatory to have constant backups.

If you are working in ArcGIS Online you can also use the Vector Basemap Style Editor (beta) which gives you a nice UI and an immediate feedback while lacking other options such as reordering and adding layers.

As far as I know there is no options to “repack” a VT layer with a different style once it is exploded or published.