Turn layers on or off independently on different layouts from the same map

08-26-2019 02:29 AM
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Is there a way to use a single map but turn layers on and off independently from the map TOC in different map frames and layouts? 

This could allow us to update symbology on a single map which would in turn update many layouts.  This would mean we do not need to update symbology for many maps.  Currently it is only possible (as far as i am aware) to change the extent of a map frame in a layout that does snot affect the map itself.

I believe this is possible in QGIS by being able to lock the layers in print composer:

Can I Turn Off or Remove Map Layers in QGIS Print Composer - Geographic Information Systems Stack Ex... 

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Hi Joseph,

I believe that what you're asking is noted in this idea:  

Currently, you would copy the map and have different layouts/map frames point to different maps with the layers turned on/off as needed.

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It would be really nice to be able to turn on\off layers in layouts that are referenced to the same map! That would help us minimizing the time in applying the symbology and other stuff for multiple maps!


Is this already documented as an idea?

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Agreed. We need to be able to manage layer visibility at the Layout level without it affecting the source Map.

I try to establish consistent symbology and layer definitions at the project level. In many cases all layers could exist in a single map. If I could have 12 different layouts that all referenced this one map then it sure would make managing symbology consistency easier. Currently, with 12 maps for 12 layouts, managing consistent symbology and definitions is a nightmare. 

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Not sure if this is already planned for 2.7

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HI Jamal, 

Adding this capability in not planned for 2.7.