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06-18-2021 12:31 PM
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I have a polygon feature that I use to create easement areas in.  In ArcMap I use the COGO functionality to draw the polygon based on surveys.  However, in ArcGIS Pro, when I click "Direction" and choose "Chord" or "Tangent" from the options, nothing happens.  I input the "Direction" and "Distance" and when I hit enter it moves me down to the next line instead of going to "Radius" and "Arc Length".   I have not been able to create a curve in traverse in ArcGIS Pro, I have to go to ArcMap.

Everything is in State Plane Illinois West coordinate system.

I have a feeling that it is something simple that I have not set-up yet.  Can anyone help me with this?

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Selecting Chord and Tangent just tell the traverse which kind of curve bearing to assume, in absence of you explicitly telling it one or the other.

In the Pro Traverse tool, even if you know the distance of the chord, it is assumed that a curved line will not have a "distance". In that case, you can either tab past the distance field, or enter a 0.


Note that I have mine set to "tangent" for direction, but if my survey has a chord bearing thrown in, I can put "cb" after the direction. And for my curves, I just leave distance blank.

Now, if you're used to using chord length, that is an option in the last column.


The Pro documentation does a good job of going over some of the shortcuts you can use to enter a traverse quickly and easily.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS