Time slider that ignores periods with no information?

12-18-2020 12:52 PM
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A lot of my data has spotty time values and the time-slider returns no results for long stretches. It's not a very compelling experience. Is it possible to go sequentially from time-value to time-value and not enter intervals that may or may not have data?

Thank you,

Randy McGregor

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Hi Randy,

Good news - if you have Pro 2.6 or later, we've added a layer-option for this exact case --> that is, the ability to load irregular time-steps from a data source as the "steps" for the time slider.

The main link in the Help for this topic is below --> it talks about the two time-slider options for this kind of data - that is: [1] use two-date-fields (instead of one) so features effectively stay displayed until a replacement feature becomes current; or [2] use the unique values within the data to set the stops to use when stepping forward in time.


For the second option, the process is to first configure the layer with the irregular time-steps (from values in the data), and then configure the time slider to use that layer as its 'Step' source.  One extra tip - make sure you pay attention to the time-slider's duration value, because the 'step' process will move the entire time-duration forward based on the front/leading edge of the time slider.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Nathan.