The pane of Catalog View: Where is Copy Path for my Project Aprx

11-18-2019 07:32 AM
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ArcGIS pro file paths seem to be made up and not exist in Catalog half the time. I can't seem to track down the directory path for my map to run a remove layer command on it. So I have to use Windows explorer and navigate to the project folder. Seems like Catalog on ArcGIS pro was a downgrade from 10.3+

All I am trying to do is remove a layer RemoveLayer—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop but it seems to be much more difficult in ArcGIS Pro than 10.3

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Hi Arthur,

Are you able to be more specific?

What version of ArcGIS Pro are you using? Do you have any screenshots? What kind of directory are the files stored in?

It's hard to solve your issue without data.

Kind regards,


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