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03-18-2021 11:21 AM
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When I have Summit Evolution 7.6 open and then open ArcGIS pro 2.7.2, Arc Pro crashes.  A new tool bar is added to Pro but it just doesn't seem to do anything and then crashes.  Any ideas?  There is not much information on this that I found anyways.  Thanks.

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I'm not seeing anything on the internals about Summit Evolution and ArcGIS Pro.  A couple things to try:

1.  Uninstall the AGP service packs sequentially and test.  For example, go to Program and Features->Installed updates and uninstall ArcGIS Pro Patch 2 (2.7.2) and retest.  If it fails, uninstall ArcGIS Pro Patch 1 (2.7.1) and retest.  
2.  Rename the ESRI folder in your C:\Users\<user_profile>\AppData\Local and C:\Users\<user_profile>\AppData\Roaming to ESRI_OLD
3.  Contact Esri Support Services and log a new case with the team to see if they know what the issue is.

Hope this helps!

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