Summarize points from several different layers into a single layer?

11-12-2020 01:43 PM
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I'm very new to ArcGIS and am trying to figure out how can I summarize points from several different layers into a single layer?

For example, I have a layer for each of the below…
1. K12 Public Schools
2. Private Schools (PreK - 12)
3. College / Universities
4. Military Bases
5. Sister Stores
6. Competitors
7. National Retailers

Within a single a trade area (buffer) layer "Craig", I want to add a new column for each of the above and then summarize their total counts. Presently, starting with public schools, I summarize it’s points in a new layer “Craig1”. I then use “Craig1” and then summarize private schools (new columns) naming that (new) layer “Craig2”, I repeat this same process 5 more times until layer “Craig7” has the summarized counts for each of the 7 point files in the single buffer layer. This takes a lot of time to do compounded that I also have to rename the attribute table count column names after each summarization as ArcGIS labels the columns “Count of Points” (vs count of public schools, count of private schools, etc…)

If I'm doing this wrong, I'm open to any faster more streamlined suggestion techniques please - thanks!

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Have you looked at incorporating a Spatial Join into your workflow? And, potentially, a model to help you automate this workflow? Model Builder might be useful starting out. 

Spatial Joins

Model Builder in ArcGIS Pro 

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Thanks - yes, originally I had all the individual point layers in a single layer and did a spatial join, however I then have to do a pivot table in Excel to parse all the data.  Both approaches take a fair amount of time, hence I'm exploring if there are any quicker approaches I could take.

I'm familiar with ModelBuilder -  I'm new to ArcGIS so I have to take a couple classes to understand how to use it.  🙂


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