So... You want me to update to pro 2. and desktop 10.x

01-25-2018 11:52 AM
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I think a better idea is to quit renewing license, stay at older version til something better comes along (or is found).

I never come up against the 2T file size, or the 255 field size. What I dislike is having to use pro for some things, then change to online, change to survey123, then change to .... just venting, this is really starting to get ridiculous. (but I have 'pretty cool' 3D, which I don't have any need for).

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I'm guessing this is just venting some frustration. From an outside perspective maybe I can see why this would be really annoying but since I understand the complexity of GIS (particularly Esri's ArcGIS Platform), I fully understand why things are they way they are. You can't have extremely complex desktop software for professional users and expect the same in an online package to be used by any and all internet-users. Same goes for field collection software as well. It just doesn't work that way. It's a bonus that all of these programs, more-or-less, work seamlessly together so the experienced professional user does not have to worry about flipping from one program to the next. But, that's just my opinion.

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Adrian, thanks for email, I am venting, but It seems like I have to store all my data online, have a tech make an entry say 1gallon of a mixed herbicide, which contains 4 different reportable pesticides, export that via csv or excel / update my tables/ Then use Access to generate a report that breaks down all 4 different chemicals into a report that the County Ag Commissioner needs/demands – on their exact form. ArcMap-ArcGIS do not allow the data manipulations that I perform. OH, I agree that non experienced users should have no problem flipping back and forth, But I have only been using arcmap for 10-12 years or so. And its silly not to be able to display a basic table that is in access which includes “name and x and y” without exporting to csv, then importing back.

We have mosquito traps that we bring mosquitoes back to the District that we count, identifiy, do lab testing, and generate reports, I will have to now export these numbers into an excel, or csv file before they can be viewed on a map, I haven’t counted the number of time I have seen in some of your (ESRI’s) magazines and communities where a phrase goes something like “ this was achieved by using ArcGis and an Access database”

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