Sequence, Rules, and Versioned Feature Service Not Working as Expected

10-21-2019 09:15 AM
New Contributor II

Experiencing odd behavior when implementing a database sequence within a attribute rule on a versioned feature service.  This is only occurring with line feature services - points and polygon  sequences in the same environment work as expected.

To start, I've been developing the rule on a local file geodatabase.  The calculation rule with the sequence is working as expected on my line feature class.  Increase by 1 on each insert or split.  Screen shot is attached - localSeq.png - 90008 - 90011 are new line features while 90012 - 90014 are splits.

When I push the rule up to my feature service is where it goes odd.  I will create a new line feature and the sequence will say start with 1.  The next line feature I create will be 3, and the next line feature will be 5 - it is jumping by 2.  Now If I make a split off a line feature with the sequence of 5 - the new split feature will be sequence 6, next split will be 7 - splits jump up by 1.  Screenshot named featureSeq.png attached, 90010 - 90018 are new line features and 90019-90021 are splits.  So adding new features jumps by 2 while splits jump by 1.  I expect all should jump by 1.

Not sure if this a bug or intended but I'm at wits end attempting to work around this.  Little help would be appreciated. 

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