Problem to display a full map when a map serie is created

01-11-2021 06:55 AM
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Since I uploaded arcgis pro 2.7.0, I have this issue:

I have a map showing all the lot of a city. 

I created a map series from that map (index layer is the lot number)

Now, my problem is that when I go back to my map, I can only see one lot at a time (not all of them at the same time)

Can anyone help me with that?

Thank you !

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Hi Marie, 

Your description of the issue sounds like there may be a Page Query set on your lot layer. For example, in the screenshot below I have a map series based on the layer U.S. States (Generalized). There is also a Map Series Page Filter (Page Query) set on this layer.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 053457.png

Notice that in the map view only 1 state is shown. This is expected behavior since the Page Query is a layer property and the current state of this property (set by the current page of the map series) is set for any instance of this layer.  If you wish to see all the features of the index layer you will need to either remove the Page Query from the index layer or create a separate layer (a copy of the index without the Page Query). All this is assuming that you have set a Page Query.

I'm a bit concerned with your comment "Since I uploaded arcgis pro 2.7.0, I have this issue".  Does that mean that you were seeing different behavior in a previous release? If that is the case more investigation is warranted. 

Can you contact Esri Support? They are better equipped to handle troubleshooting steps and gather bug data. They can be contacted at

Hope this helps,


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Hi Tom,

I checked and there is no Page Query in the index Layer so I will contact Esri. When I was working with the previous version, everything worked perfectly!


Have a good day.

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