Printing trouble in AGP 2.5 - How to revert to version 2.4?

03-11-2020 09:24 AM
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I'm experiencing a lot of new troubles printing layouts (especially with respect to legends displaying a bunch of unwanted info, and the print-to-pdf function being really clunky).

I'd like to rollback to AGP 2.4, what is the best way to do this?

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I just talked to ESRI Tech Support and asked this same question. The support tech told me the only way to roll back to 2.4 is by uninstalling and reinstalling (via myESRI).


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Thanks, I wonder if there will be backwards compatibility issues. 

I know ArcGIS Pro is under active development, but does anyone know if ESRI tends to release x.x.1 hotfix versions, like they used to do for ArcMap?

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Filing a case with Tech Support might help in case they have some resolution already to your situation prior to any patch release.. or even if it is covered in the release

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Due to a serious issue related to changed File Geodatabase locking behavior in ArcGIS Pro 2.5, causing an important tool from my to fail due to unrleased locks (ArcMap and Pro 2.4.x were fine with the same code), I already reverted back to to Pro 2.4.3 by uninstalling 2.5 and re-installing 2.4.3.

One thing that does seem to be handled better by Pro than ArcMap, is that Pro 2.4.3 seems capable of opening 2.5 documents, although it will drop incompatible stuff related to the newer version. If you haven't used anything special related to Pro 2.5, you should be fine though.

ESRI already releases x.x.x bugfix versions, last version of 2.4 was 2.4.3 after all. They just don't yet release "service packs" with much larger sets of bugfixes as they used to. It is then an x.x "major.minor" version instead with new functionality.