Possible Bug : ArcGIS Pro Creating "MapControlMap" automatically

02-04-2021 09:29 AM
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ArcGIS Pro is creating all these map controls automatically, some of them have broken sources and there is no way to delete them that I have found and they are slowly growing. Even worse, the map controls listed are not listed in the project map items.

I found them in the Data Sources panel when viewing all the maps in the catalogue of the project.

Please help. [ArcGIS Pro 2.7.1]



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I'm seeing this issue as well in 2.7.1. Have you submitted this to ESRI support? Or gotten any other advice?

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I'm seeing this too. There are hundreds of them. This post is the only thing I could find when searching for "MapControlMap"

And additionally, every time I click a layer in the catalog view to preview the geography there is a "transformation warning" pop-up notification (see below). 


I can click back and forth between the same two layers and it will generate a new "MapControlMapXXX" each time. 

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Thanks for the information. My work required me to revisit this workflow yesterday and it's still an issue. I guess I'll have to submit it to Support and see what's going on here.

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