No continuity among number formats

02-13-2019 12:07 PM
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I've already pointed this problem out in a previous post, but thought I'd share another case with some details.

I start by wanting to make a map that has percentages labeled on polygons.

Added a feature class to my map, which has data like this:

John Doe0.12
Jane Doe0.25

In ArcGIS Pro, I go to Data tab > Fields

and format the Percentage column to be Percentage with no decimals:

What I expect to see in the table is this:

John Doe12%
Jane Doe25%

Instead, however, I see this:

Question: why does Pro round percentages when I specify no decimal places?

To resolve the issue, I try setting it to 2 decimal places, which yields this:

This is incorrect, because the values are actual 0.54, 0.64, etc. and I expect them to translate to 54%, 64%, etc.

Next, I set out to just find an Arcade expression so that I can display percentages on the polygons and not worry about the number formatting. So I find an expression like this:

Text($feature.PERCENTAGE, '#%')‍

So that's cool, now I end up with labels like this:

So I try to actually make a map for a slide with a legend (something the software is supposed to be able to do well, right?). I go to my Layout view, Insert > Legend and get this:

Yikes, what a mess. So now am I supposed to manually make a legend? I don't see another way to handle this.

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I am not an ArcPro User (due to its inability to access ms access personal geodatabases) however, Percentages is either a  format or a calculated value based upon the number stored in databases.  There is no field type of Percentage.  So the number is stored as a plain numeric or decimal value.  You would have to choose either:

1. Number represents a fraction.  Adjust it to show as a percentage  -- (Format)

2. Or apply a calculated value ([Percentage (your field name)]*100

Hope this helps....

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The inconsistency extends to ArcGIS Online also. Here's some ideas to vote up so we don’t have to contend with this forever, maybe:

It would be really, really good to have and use the same technique across all areas, from Desktop to Online, instead of creating a distinct attribute column for each scenario.

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I assume you have tried this option...

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Your data is in decimal form (0.12, 0.25, etc.), also considered fractional format. Select the second option, "Number represents a fraction. Adjust it to show as a percentage". This will convert decimals to whole number (12, 25, etc.)

If your data were already whole numbers (12, 25, 63.24, etc.) then you would go with option one, "Number already represents a percentage".

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