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01-26-2021 07:28 PM
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I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.7.0 and trying to create a map series with multiple maps. I know only one map series can be created per page currently, however I have seen other posts that suggest what I am trying to do may be possible using constraints as described here: Multiple Map Frame for Map Series - GeoNet, The Esri Community

I have a gazetteer of 175 geographical sites that I want to present five to a page with a map and dynamic text linking to several attribute fields in a horizontal panel (shown in attached file). The map series can be spatial using the point features of the sites which are saved in a point feature class of geodatabase. The point features have a table of attribute data which can be used as dynamic text.

I had an idea to create 5 layouts with the map series applied to each map and attribute horizontal section in turn, then copy and paste the correct map from each map series to make 35 layouts with sites 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 etc displayed in order. This is going to take some time though. 

Does anyone have any ideas for a better way to automate this process to achieve my desired layouts?

Thanks for any help you can offer 

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I think I have similar problem linking  Map Series/Dynamic Text function.

I read the information and it's unclear.  We always have a feature polygon with each maps extend with a unique page id.

I’m missing something?  In arcmap, the datadriven page was for layout and, we can have 2 dataframes one with datadriven page activated and the other one with just and extend.

In Pro, mapseries (wich for me is wrong since its layout series),  I can’t find the way to activate the mapseries on one of the map and just leave the other one with a fix extend.  If I have a layout with two maps or more, the mapseries (layout series) tab look when navigate to apply to all maps which is very annoying.  Like I said, in arc map, we only apply the data driven pages to one of the data frames (maps in pro).  It's not what we need but, we live with it.  The annotations was duplicated for the map without data driven but, with some adjustment it was not to bad.

So someone has found how?

Like I told before, a real mapseries link to each map and is what we need and ESRI doesn’t look forward to implement it and stick, like in arcmap, to a layout series.

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