Map Series Not Supporting Text Characters in Export?

07-16-2019 07:12 AM
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I've had a couple challenges in the past with an ArcGIS Pro map series not exporting all the pieces on a page, where I would just go back and export that single page after. This is a new one, though. For whatever reason, exporting this map series into individual pages has ended with the majority of text characters looking like they are not supported?

The font for the entire document is set up 10pt. Arial in uppercase, with some bold or underlining here and there, but I can't figure out why some pages export the content correctly and others don't.

When I export the series in a single PDF, the content is perfect. There are a decent number of pages in the single PDF that all need to be separated out and renamed, so I'm hoping there's some way to fix this, or perhaps a best practice for fonts that I don't know about that Pro is known to have issues with?

Thanks for the help!

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I'm having the same problem . . .

ArcGIS Pro, Map Series Not Supporting Text Characters in Export

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