Limitations of tasks. Saving Edits, Selecting features, verifying results

05-23-2019 04:09 AM
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I have several questions to task functionallity that I find quite basic, but can't seem to find.

1. The option to save edits: I want my users to edit a polygon if necessary (which happens in maybe 50% of the cases). To run the following steps it's necessary to save these edits. The solution for this seems to be a hidden, auto-run step which saves the edits. However, this results in a error when no edits where made, as the option to save Edits is not available.

Is the only option in this case to force the user to manually save edits if they made some? Since the whole task freezes up when the edits are not saved (i.e. forgotten), this would invite a lot of frustration i think.

2. I haven't been able to select features at the beginning of a step, that were created via geoprocessing Tools. Neither 'Features created in this task' nor 'modified in this task seem to work. This is particularly confusing since setting the visibility, selectebility etc for the same features works like a charm.

3. Verifying feature created by geoprocessing tools: I want the user to enter a value for a (during the task created) field for (the same as in 2.) feature that has been created by a geoprocessing tool.

The verification is: If the number of elements without a value is greater than 0. This results in an error everytime, even if the value has been entered for sure (also tested with select by attribute afterwards). I am guessing this has to do with the unability to select the element automatically.

I really love the concept of tasks, but stumbling over these problems, I am always wondering if I am just too dumb for it or if they are just really badly designed. Why try to save edits that haven't been made? Why allow the use of geoprocessing Tools when they work with only half of the task functionallity?

As I said, there might be simple solutions, that I just don't know about. I also cant find any tutorials apart from a couple of introductionary videos by ESRI on YouTube.



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