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01-05-2021 02:54 AM
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Hi, I'm working on ArcGIS Pro 2.6. 

I have a huge problem with a legend and a table in layout. My template is very complex, it will be shared with many people and each of them will have a different name for the map. I would like to set the appearance options once in the template so that no one else can changes them. Unfortunately, after changing the source of the legend or table, the program loses all settings, even if it returns to the same map. How can I solve this problem.

Convert legend to graphic is not an option because the legend must only show the objects visible on the map.

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Hi Marta, 

I believe you can use the Save As Default command off the legend item context menu (circled in green on the screenshot below).

Screenshot 2020-11-19 053457.png

By default, the Feature Display Options are not checked.


Once you have checked either of these options (or made other legend item changes such font color) for a specific legend item (in the screenshot above I'm doing this with "World Cities") you then right-click this legend item in the Contents pane and click Save as Default.

After this any new legend item added to THIS legend element, including new items added to the legend when switching the source data frame, will inherit the applicable properties of the legend item you set as the default. 

For more information please see the help topic - Work with a legend item

Note that this only works for the legend items within the legend. Currently, we do not have a way to save the properties of the legend itself.  There are some threads on the idea site that you may be interested.

Default Legend Item Properties -

ArcGIS Pro Legend Options -

Table frames should only show rows for visible features, if applicable (table frames based off of standalone tables cannot be filtered spatially, by default.

Hope this helps, 


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The Save as Default option Tom mentioned for legends also works for table frame fields. It should help the table to look the same, even if you switch maps. You can learn more about it here: 

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