Joining CSV to Shapefile Creates Blank Attribute Table

09-09-2023 12:02 AM
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I tried joining a CSV excel file with a shapefile with the same titled column, but when it joins, the attribute table of the shapefile and the exported join comes out blank. I tried creating the CSV file as a standalone table but that also did not work. What can I do to get the data back into the attribute table after the join? I am using ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2.

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There have to be matches in the columns used for the join and the data type needs to be the same (text to text or numbers to numbers)

Do you have exact matches?  (a couple of examples of the tables would be useful)

The field names don't need to be the same, just the data type.

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Thanks for responding!

What the CSV has is also in the shapefile, but the shapefile does have more rows of data. Do I need to do a select by attributes first?

I'm unable to post screenshots now since I am away from my work computer, but I can post when I have access.

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