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join/relate streetlight to pole

11-26-2021 10:53 AM
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Wondering if anyone has developed a workflow to join a streetlight layer to a pole layer. 

Workflows I am considering:

use the Near GP tool or Spatial Join to grab the pole number from the closest pole and add it to the Streetlight feature class

Issue: pole clusters


Issue: new subdivisions where streetlight information has been collected but the pole doesn't exist in the pole feature class




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The Near Tool is a good choice because it will only select one closest feature. If two poles are the same distance apart it will randomly pick one.

The streetlights with missing poles will have a value of -1 (as long as your search radius is small enough to accomplish that) and you can use that to filter them out.

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I want to create a tool to Join point and line feature without new output (output feature class) , for example Tower and electric Line.

electric line is spitted on every tower. relation is many to may .

Related feature can be with in 0.8meter.

Anyone cane help regarding this?.

Thanks & Regards,


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