Is there an equivalent for "Customize Mode" (to set up keyboard shortcuts) in ArcGIS Pro?

07-21-2017 08:34 AM
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I have a bunch of custom keyboard shortcuts set up in ArcGIS Desktop via Customize Mode. I'm trying to set up a new project in Pro and I'd love to be able to move my shortcuts over, but I can't figure out if such a thing exists, and if it does, where it is. The first two pages of Google results I get for ["customize mode" "ArcGIS Pro"] are all links for ArcMap. 

I've seen posts about the built-in shortcuts in Pro, and those are helpful, but in Desktop, I've re-assigned a lot of those letters to tasks I do more frequently. I assume some of my old shortcuts and workflows are obsolete in Pro (like some of tools associated with the draw toolbar or for working with map layouts, maybe?), but like ... Clear Selection. I had a shortcut for that. Is there a shortcut for that in Pro? I had a keyboard shortcut for Edit Vertices, because I have sub-par double-click skills. I had a shortcut for turning snapping on and off because nobody told me about the space bar thing until a few months ago. I had shortcuts for extend line, trim line, split line, and merge. 

Basically, I know there might be built-in functions for some of these, but what if I want to re-assign the built-in ones, or make assignments for tasks that aren't in the built-in shortcuts. Can I do that in Pro?  


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