Is there a way to resize annotated roadside labels in PRO?

11-08-2019 06:52 AM
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In PRO, I have annotated my roadsign labels in order to duplicate labels and ensure better placement than the Maplex Label Engine placement provides.

Now, I need to resize the symbols as they are too big, as you can see above.

Is there a way to resize annotated labels like the one above?  Or do I have alter and reannotate (multiple times) before getting the ideal size, number of signs, and best placement?

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Personally I would suggest not using annotation if possible. In large part for just this reason.

You may have to make new annotation of the size you want. And make multiple annotation layers at different sizes.

YOU CAN edit the annotation however you may need to edit one at a time so you can make sure it is anchored where you want it.

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