Is there a way to make an ArcGIS Pro model abort on a warning message?

03-24-2022 01:38 PM
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I created a model to automate the database management tasks for our enterprise database. It works great, however I had one glaring oversight. The first step is to reconcile and post the versions. I have the option checked to abort if conflicts are detected. I was thinking that would make the model stop as well, but apparently that isn't the case. The model proceeds to roll through the warning message, delete the (unreconciled) versions, compress, analyze and rebuild indexes. I just realized this when I lost about two hours of edits because of this. Lol. Not a huge deal because we have hourly backups, but surely there must be a way to configure this to abort on a warning message, right?

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If you're using an Iterator in your Model, there is a Stop tool you can add to stop the model based upon a condition.  Hope this helps!

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