Is there a preferred location for saving projects on your computer?

11-14-2019 01:19 PM
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I'm new to ArcGIS Pro but used ArcMap a long time, I'm pretty rusty.  Is there a preferred path for saving projects?  I use OneDrive for most of my other work-related files and want to make sure that it is OK to work off of OneDrive in ArcGIS Pro.  For other programs that rely on multiple files, I was told that the project folder should be on the local drive (c:) vs on a network server.  I just wanted to see if ArcGIS has a preferred project folder location for both performance and functionality.  

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Don't try to use One Drive.

We store all of our Projects on our network.

We also created a cache directory, which is in essence a virtual drive. to store projects.

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Our company stores all our project files on OneDrive and I always use ArcGIS Pro, been working fine!

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I will reiterate a big no... we had no end of problems in a university environment with students 'mucking' stuff up, leaving stuff in the wrong location, delays, performance, pick one

OneDrive is great... IF at the end of the day, you just copy your working folder with all the stuff and fluff into OneDrive.

When you get home... you repeat the process in reverse.

Local drives are made for speed, security and other countless things.

Just back up... zip/thumb drives are an alternative, but it is such an onerous task to pull it out of your pocket and plug it into your home computer.. soooo 2005 .  But what do I know... these worked just fine in their day

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Local drive: Great performance, no functionality in a networked large organization;

Network: Pro is slower than the tape drive on a TRS-80 but the good news is you can slowly collaborate with other folks in the org

You should  never use One Drive, Google Drive, S3 Bucket, a "live" data source in Pro or Arc Map. To much latency regardless of your bandwidth. 

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