Is it possible to select data by location from a limited webservice using ArcGIS Pro?

10-23-2019 08:54 AM
New Contributor III

I have an internal webservice that limits records to 1000 results in a query. The webservice has over 100,000 records. I would like to build a model that selects records from this webservice and exports them to a new feature class based on an intersection with features in another feature. I can do this using the ArcGIS JavaScript API, but I'm wondering if it can be done using ArcGIS Pro. 

It seems like when I try to do this, it is only selecting some of the records due to the 1000 result limit. It seems that if a feature record I want to select is in the first 1000 pulled in, it gets selected, otherwise no result. Any ideas or workflows others have been successful with doing this?

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