Is it possible to migrate an existing many to many relationship table so it uses Global ID on one side of the relationship?

04-12-2018 12:04 PM
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I have a table called FS Account to APN match that is the basis for a many-to-many relationship between parcels and fire services in our Smallworld GIS. This table is the intermediate table which holds the foreign keys for parcels (apn) and the foreign key for services (latid).  I have successfully imported this table from Smallworld into SDE. The relationship is just like the one shown in except that where it shows "Owner", I have the a feature class called "Fire Service".

In SDE, I was able to re-create a one to many relationship between the Parcels feature class and the FS Account to APN match table based on APN. And I was also able to re-create a one-to-many relationship between the Fire Service feature class and the FS Account to APN match table based on latid. However our Fire Service feature class has a GlobalID field in SDE (which it does not in Smallworld) and so I want that one-to-many relationship to be based on GlobalID. How do I accomplish this? 

I see there is a "Migrate Relationship Class" tool for migrating relationships that are based on ObjectID to relationships based on GlobalID. Is it not possible to migrate relationships based on another attribute (latid in this case) to a GlobalID-based relationship? I'd rather not have to migrate twice - first to objectid-based and then to globalid-based.

Incidentally the FS Account to APN match has 1,616 records. But I will also need to accomplish this same task with another table (Mtr Account to APN match) which has over 78,000 records!

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