Inquiry: Heat Map of Points with Weighted Densities in Relation to similar Points

07-16-2019 09:42 AM
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I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2.

I am trying to create a heat map of ponds near 16 weather stations based on data that I have that specifies a number of the weigh of how many ponds there are along a strata and density. I used a cvs table with lat and long along with densities for multiple scenarios (historical, future wet, future dry). I used the lat and long data to create points of where the weather stations are and then changed the symbology to heat map. 

What I am seeing however is not what I expected to see as the dense vs sparse gradient that they are showing me is not in relation to each weather station point but only by what number the weighed density was and getting lighter around the edge because there is no data in that area. 

I want to have a spread along a polygon for the region that the weather stations are located in and to do that I assume I have to use the Kernel density tool however when doing so, it mashes all of my points together and doesn't give us the result we want as it shows density based on the points and the no data area around it and not in relation to other points. 

How can I use the data that I have to show the relationship between points across a region? 

Thank you 

Nadia Noori

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