Image Transparency Issue While Exporting To PDF - ArcGIS Pro

09-26-2017 08:03 AM
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When I apply a transparency to a raster image (ie. an airphoto) and export my layout in ArcGIS Pro to PDF, strange lines appear in the image (almost like the software is tiling it).  If I remove the transparency, then the export is fine. I have tried adjusting the DPI during the export and printing directly to PDF, with no luck.

Has anyone else had this issue... and if so is there a fix?  I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1.



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You bet Blair - happy to assist where I can.  I receive many questions from students in my AGP Migration course so getting really good at researching the Support Pages for status updates on new functionality/bug fixes and the like.  I do know 2.3 is under heavy testing currently so the developers are making great progress.

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Hi Robert - Any status updates on this bug for Pro 2.3?  This is again a showstopper.  Please let us know if there is a viable work around other than lower the DPI.  Thank you.

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Apologies for the tardy response, I was on vacation and am getting settled in this week.  So with regard to BUG-000095765, the Support Services mentions it's in the Product Plan to be fixed but I don't see what release that will be.  As noted below, it has not been resolved for AGP 2.3.  I'll monitor this thread.

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It's definitely a show stopper for our production of parks and trail maps that use hillshade behind some transparent polygons. I'm glad I caught it early on since you can't convert Pro back to ArcMap! I'm hopefully for 2.3 as well. This is one of the last Pro 'gotchas' that prevent us from adopting Pro for nearly all of our workflows

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Hi All, our team is running into the same issue. A "dirty" work around is to export the map to .jpg then use a PDF creator program like NitroPro to convert it to PDF. It should be noted that when I open a Pro created PDF in Photoshop, it looks fine. With pretty much any other viewer though, the grids are visible. We will continue to investigate this internally. I am hopefully Esri tech staff will be watching these threads for feedback and a solution will be found soon.

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I work for the US Geological Survey and urgently await the implementation of this bug fix. I am running Pro v2.2.4. Problem still exists, am able to "Print to PDF" for some use cases, not for others, as described above. GeoPDF setting is easiest to manage with the "Export to PDF" function/button.

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Just upgraded to 2.3... and it's still a problem.

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Yes still a problem on my end too after updating to 2.3. This as well as the issue below have stopped us from moving to Pro.

ESRI Basemaps need a print resolution option

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 A couple thoughts come to mind.....

1) you can pry ArcMap from my cold dead hands..........or at least until ESRI provides a functioning version of ArcPro

2) Stubbornly remaining tone deaf to your customers is the fastest way to lose market share

3) NO ONE, no one wants to spend 20 minutes on a task that previously took 5 minutes, I don't care how many new bells and whistles you dangle before me.

4) What we really enjoy is the randomness of the problems, so any solution that we find won't work for another .aprx

And yes, we have the same printing problem with no resolution. 

ArcPro just isn't a professional product for a production environment.  Very frustrating.  I can foresee organizations and educational institutions starting to "left swipe" on ESRI products if it can't get its their act together.


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Still an issue in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.1. Not useful when supplying PDFs to the director. Exporting to PNG and then converting that to PDF works but that PDF was not georeferenced. 

Workaround was to create a dummy feature class to use as a mask. That worked perfectly. Please fix ESRI.

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