I want to put a P with a circle around it as a symbol for parking as that is the standard symbol. ESRI's graphic of a car is too cryptic. I cannot find a suitable symbol and I cannot place graphic text on the map. What's the AGP solution?

12-05-2018 08:32 AM
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 I gave up and did it in Arcmap in 5 minutes after wasting an hour setting up the map in AGP. 

AGP is a super waste of time.

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Hi Sharon,

Here's a workflow that worked for me, though I'm sure there are other ways!

  1. Once we have the points we'd like to symbolize in a map in ArcGIS Pro, right-click on the layer and select Symbology
  2. Click on the single symbol to open the Format Point Symbol window
  3. Search for Parking and select the symbol that's closest to what you'd like. In this example, I picked the circle with the car symbol inside.
  4. Click on Properties at the top of the window, then click on the little icon with 3 stacked layers to the right of the brush.
  5. Select the car shape marker, the below in the Appearance section, click the "Font..." box.
  6. Change the font to something you like (I picked Arial), then select the P.
  7. Change the fill and outline colors to whatever you'd like
  8. When the symbol looks the way you want it, click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the Symbology pane. Your points should now be a circle with a P inside.

Here's a link to a video of that workflow: 12.05.2018-09.11.50 

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Wow, thanks, this worked great! I didn't know you could do it like that.

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While this did work great, since I had given up, I made the map in Arcmap and that came out much better than the one in AGP.

The World Topographic basemap in AGP does not have the actual contours on it, but the one in ArcMap does. I hope the developers of AGP get on it or I'm just not going to keep using AGP.

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