I'm trying to follow Exercise 7 in Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro book, but I cannot find \\EsriPress\GTKAGPro\CommunityHousing folder.

10-09-2020 02:03 PM
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I'm trying to start the project but cannot find the initial data anywhere.

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Hi Gage - what version of the book are you using (I'm not sure if the 2.6 version is out yet)?

Anyway, I found this resources page for pre-2.6: Esri Press Book Resources | Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro, second edition 

And this for 2.6: Esri Press Book Resources | Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 2.6 

Have you installed the data?  Did you work successfully through other chapters and just aren't able to find Chapter 7 data?

I just ran through downloading 2.6 data and the default install location is C:\EsriPress\GTKAGPro

Is that where you installed your data?

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Hello, I have the second edition. I found that link before, but I keep getting an error. 

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Hi Gage, I help manage the exercise data for Esri Press Books. Looks like there might have been a temporary server issue. It seems to be downloading fine now, but email me if you run into any issues, ccarpenter@esri.com. Thanks, Craig