I have an ArcGis Pro license and it will not authenticate through to open the software.

03-29-2020 11:23 AM
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When authenticating it throws up a scripting error.  Once I click through, it then redirects me to my google account to login. I authenticate and then it throws another error indicating that the browser that I am using is not secure. It does not say what is not secure nor does it allow me to open ArcGis Pro. I can authenticate to Esri online with no issues. So, it is not an authentication issue. It is a configuration issue with the software on my desktop as it communicates with the server. Any assistance would be most helpful. 

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ArcGIS Pro uses Internet Explorer to display the Named User login dialogue.  It is the browser that's causing the scripting error you're seeing.  Open Internet Explorer and go to https://www.arcgis.com.  You will likely get the same error.  Try adding the URL to the trusted sites in Internet Explorer security.  If you can get the AGOL login dialogue in here, you should be able to load it in Pro.