How to solve the FDO error: -2147217354 (Cannot read a pixel block)

07-15-2019 10:44 AM
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Hi everyone!

I am new to this GeoNet forum. But I have come here to see if anyone can explain to me this error I have experienced in ArcGIS Pro version 2.4.0, when I tried to create a composite image using the geoprocessing operation to combine 7 input images that represent some Landsat 8 bands. This is in the field of Remote Sensing. Here is the error message: 

ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Contact Esri Technical Support ( to Report a Bug, and refer to the error help for potential solutions or workarounds.

FDO error: -2147217354 [LC08_L1TP_018030_20180611_20]

Failed to read a pixel block.

Failed to execute (CompositeBands).

The alphanumeric code in the closed parentheses brackets represents the name of the output file (based on the names of the input files), which is registered as a geodatabase file and ultimately stored in my C drive. Whenever I click the run button, this error message pops up. As well I cannot find anywhere on the Internet for a solution, as the closest I could find is for "Cannot write a pixel block" which is different than my issue. This operation is a requirement for a question on my remote sensing assignment and I need the composite band to be processed in order to be able to finish the rest of the assignment. Plus, I don't know what FDO stands for or what it means. 

Can a GIS expert/professional please help me out? I am only a beginner with basic GIS knowledge as I'm taking an online GIS certificate program. There is an attachment of what I was focusing on. If you look at the bottom right of the image, you will see a red area, indicating where the error message was located. Although the message is not on the image, I have copied and paste it here for this reason above. Plus, I did contact Esri support and they told me to post to the GeoNet community as the best solution.

Thanks a lot!

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