How To Set Up Contingent Values For 15000 Unique Features

08-25-2020 10:53 AM
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I have a feature class that is approximately 15000 rooms over hundreds of buildings at around 100 different sites. Each row in the feature (room) has a unique space ID code, and corresponding building and site codes. Here is an example:

I want to set up contingent values so that a user chooses the site from a dropdown, which then restricts the building choice to only the buildings at that site, and then restricts the room choice to only rooms in that building. I have coded domains set up for site, building and room, and I understand how to set up a contingent value field group. The problem is, it looks like I need to manually set up each contingent value. I can't do this because I would have to scroll through 15000 values here to find the rooms I'm looking for, and there's really no way to discern that from the domain list (see screenshot). And I need the rooms to be grouped as contingent values (like these 90 rooms at the main building of site X). It looks like it wants me to choose a single room here. I'm probably missing something. Is there a way to script this in Python? 

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You can import them as a csv file, however I have a table with 10000+ contingent values and it is taking forever to bring values while editing attribute table. Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

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