How to remove extra space between classes in legend

03-26-2019 12:58 PM
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I have several layers symbolized with a Field, and then there's <all other values>. In the legend, extra room is being added between the symbology class based on the field and the <all other values> class. How do I make the spacing the same for all symbols?

How my symbology is setup:

 Symbology - classes based on field and all other values

There is extra space between the Service Types and the <all other values> and this is repeated with any symbology like this.

image showing legend with box around empty space between classes

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Interesting.  One thing you try is to remove <all other values> using the More dropdown button just to the upper right from the COUNT.  Then click the Green Plus Sign to add UNKNOWN as a value in the Legend List vs. using <all other values>.  Would that resolve the space issue?

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Try adjusting the "Categories" spacing in the legend properties.

legend spacing in ArcGIS Pro