How to maximize distance between points?

10-27-2021 08:11 PM
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I have these 12 sites mapped on ArcGIS Pro. I am trying to set up an experiment that has 4 treatments. Since I have 12 sites I was hoping to allocate 3 sites per treatment so 3 replicates per treatment.

I want each replicate per treatment to be as far as possible from one another. Is it possible to calculate this on ArcGIS?

To clarify I am trying to say: Treatment 1 has 3 replicates. From these 12 calculate the three points furthest from each other. For Treatment 2 use the remaining 9 points to calculate the three points furthest from eachother and so forth.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!

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Here is one way.

1. First, create a copy of the feature class (Feature Class To Feature Class (Conversion)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation).

2. Select one feature from your original feature class (any corner feature). e.g. MAG-73-9

3. Use Near (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Input Feature: The Copy Feature Class

Near Features: The original Feature Class

Method: Geodesic

4. New field will be added to "FC_Copy". Sort the records based on the Distance Field.

Once sorted, assign values to a class field in multiple of 4. 

say T-1, T2, T-3, T4, T-1, T-2... repeat.





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Generate Near Table (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

provides a rank as well.  Once you have identified the candidate sites from the table you can go from there since your data set is small (based on the image)

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