How to fix a corrupt raster data file (in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.0.)

07-18-2019 09:58 AM
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Hi everyone,

I have come to the conclusion that I believe that one of the data files I was working on in an assignment is corrupted. 

Here's the main scenario:

I have a list of TIFF raster satellite image bands that each represent a series of wavelength ranges saved in my file explorer. There are 7 bands in total. This is in the field of remote sensing. Inside the file explorer, it turns out however that the exterior appearance of band 4 is a generic image, whereas all the other bands show the frames/silhouettes of the images. When I open all the image files they successfully open as images without visible data (however they visually appear when added as layers onto ArcGIS Pro). When I try to open the band 4 file in file explorer, there is a message that states the file "is too large, damaged, or corrupted" and so it won't open. Too large can't be the issue because it's the exact same (or just a tiny big bigger) than all the other images.

Therefore, I deem the band 4 image file to be corrupted. In my assignment, I'm supposed to run a composite band geoprocessing operation by combining all 7 bands as input files to produce an output RGB (Red Green Blue) composite file. I have constantly run the operation with all 7 bands, being given an error message stating "failure to read a pixel block". However, I test out my wild guess band 4 is the problem by running the geoprocessing operation with all bands but band 4, and it worked! 

Therefore I conclude band 4 must be corrupt somehow because of this pixel issue, that which I don't know is the reason.

Can an export please help me in trying to see if somehow I can get the corrupted file fixed and see what the reason of corruption can be? I am only a beginner in using GIS software.

Thanks a lot.

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