How exactly do you make a .stylex file ?

07-17-2019 05:08 AM
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Im trying to create a library in arcgis pro with a few custom made symbols. I have those symbols as .jpg file. But to save it in arcgis pro and to use it for future projects you need to import stylex files. 

But I have no idea how you can create a .stylex file to import it in the arcgis library.

Anyone know how ??

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Hi Dan,

I have read those somewhat globally. I couldn't really find an answer. Maybe I just read over them. 

Is it not possible to use jpg files ? and just import these ?

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Jamil - once you create the *.stylx file as described by Dan, then you have to create a Marker Symbol Layer referenced here.

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To add to Robert's reply as I was just doing this exact thing, here is a screenshot of how this looks in Pro for reference. This is after you have created a new Style in Catalog and added a new style class item. In this case my new style class item is "Point symbol" and it was a jpg called MyIcon.jpg.Picture Marker Symbol from file