How do you edit a hosted feature service in ArcGIS Pro?!

02-19-2020 09:33 AM
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So fed up. This was so impossibly easy in ArcMap.

I have a hosted feature service in ArcGIS Online.

I have ArcGIS Pro.

I add the Hosted Feature Service to a map in ArcGIS Pro by:

  1. Selecting Add Data > Data in the Layer Group of the Map Tab in ArcGIS Pro
  2. Selecting Portal > My Content > My Hosted Feature Layer then clicking Open

The Hosted Feature Service gets added to my map in ArcGIS Pro.

I make my edits and update my symbology.

I am trying to push my edits to ArcGIS Online by:

  1. Right clicking on my Hosted Feature Service in my map and selecting Share > Overwrite Web Layer
  2. Click Yes to confirm that changes to my current web layer will be lost
  3. Select Portal > My Content > My Hosted Feature Layer to be overwritten, and click OK
  4. Click OK to confirm overwriting of Web Layer
  5. Keep default setting to use description from the web layer
  6. Enter required tags and summary
  7. Keep configuration as-is
  8. Click Analyze

I keep getting the following error: 

00102: does not contain a required layer type for —ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

There also doen't seem to be an equivalent capability to just create a local copy for editing like there was in ArcMap.

Yes, the Hosted Feature Service has editing enabled

Yes, I am the owner

Yes, I am signed into the Portal

Yes, Sync is disabled (which is another mind-boggling limitation that makes no sense at all)

Thanks for your help in advance. 

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If you just want to edit a feature service then you are over-thinking it. The process you described above (Share > Overwrite Web Layer) is one where you would like to replace the feature service with another feature service, not editing.

It is actually frightfully easy. Add your feature service to ArcGIS Pro.  Start editing and the changes are automatically made to the online feature service. No need for making local copies and then publishing them back to AGOl. It happens automatically. 

It is a much better experience now. 

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So the edit I'm actually trying to make is not to the data itself, but to its symbology. Currently, it's symbolized using a single graphic. I'm trying to change this to symbolize by unique attributes. This can easily be done online, but the reason I'm using Pro is because my symbology assets are SVG. While I could export these to raster and then upload them, then reference them, I don't want to. I'd rather just embed those resources (even tho Pro will rasterize them for me) directly in the service.

None of those changes are synchronizing back automatically, which led me down the road of thinking I'd probably need to overwrite the service. 

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Gotcha. Looks like you were on the right track then. 

Cant comment on the error message. 

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Hi Joe,

You are getting analyzer error 00102 because you are attempting to overwrite using an existing web layer. Unfortunately, this isn't possible. You can only overwrite web feature layers with data layers. 

With regards to your workflow for editing hosted feature services, there is a similar Ideas request: ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap. Feel free to add to this thread or submit your own request.



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Thanks Jonah. I've resigned to exporting the features from the hosted feature service into a local file geodatabase and publishing a new feature service. What an inefficient workflow. Kelly Gerrow‌, you're probably not the right person for this since it's more of an ArcGIS Pro issue than an ArcGIS Online issue but maybe you can put this on someone's radar. I mean, what gives? We've got the feature service in Pro, so obviously we have the item json and all of its properties. The operations to update the item properties and schema all exist under the item admin endpoint. Seems to me there's not much of a technical reason we shouldn't be able to do this in Pro.