How do I stop the legend text size from changing when switching maps in a layout?

03-26-2020 05:16 AM
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When I switched maps in a layout, how do I stop the legend text size from changing? Same applies to patches.

They seem to revert to the default. If there a setting within the map itself that governs this or is it just the why ESRI designed the software to work?

I'm hoping there is a solution because it's annoying.

interestingly the text wrapping value persists and doesn't change.

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Hi Tim, 

When you switch maps are there more, or less layers that the updated legend now has to accommodate?  What is the fitting strategy for the legend? If the fitting strategy is such that font size is to be adjusted and the layers in the new map that the legend is pointing to are not the same, then it is expected that the font size may change - as the fitting strategy implies.

If you are unfamiliar with the fitting strategies please see Work with a legend—Layouts | Documentation fro more information.

If you want the font size to remain constant I would recommend using Adjust frame, or Adjust columns depending on which direction, vertical or horizontal, that you want your legend to flow as items (layers in the map) are added or removed.

Hope this helps, 


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