How do I stop Pro from assuming the wrong spatial reference of Revit files?

06-16-2021 09:03 AM
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Up to recently (the last 2.7.x or close to it), when I loaded a Revit file without external spatial info in Pro, it read the file using the values it was given and assumed nothing. This means it did not assume the file's linear units, nor PCS, GCS or VCS. It just said "unknown", which, since it's given no other information, is correct. In practical terms this meant that if you loaded a Revit file into a scene with a coordinate system setup matching the RVT file's internal settings, the model from the file would be placed at the correct location, similar to the way that DWGs have been handled for quite a while. If it wasn't placed correctly, you'd be able to at least make an educated guess from the unadulterated info you are given in its properties.

However, now, if you e. g. use a Revit file which uses meters as unit, those meters are converted into feet upon loading the model, which is then promptly placed in the wrong location. How exactly Pro does the conversion isn't transparent. When I convert the known extent from feet back to meters myself by multiplying the feet value with 0.3048, the results deviate from Pro's conversion by up to almost 70m (this deviation isn't responsible for the wrong location however). Aside from that undesired conversion, the Spatial Reference section in the properties lists as PCS "Default RVT Coordinate System" (in ft), the GCS as WGS84, and the VCS as unknown (in ft.).

Lastly, assigning the correct reference (through Building > manage) to a loaded model, e. g. the floorplan, results in a file with coordinate values in feet, just with the unit changed to meters, which is obviously wrong. All in all, this behavior is far from desirable. Is there a way to restore the former Revit file handling?

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I too Facing the same issue. Is there any solution for it?

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